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Akademik Pencere (Academic Window) was set up to make Academic Advising and Counseling System productive and social research in schools and universities. Academic advising requires to recognize students; recognizing requires long time and knowledge and mutual relations, collobaration. Akademik Pencere developed its own technics and methods which provide loking at from different personal perspectives and increase productivity.

Academik Pencere which additional to Academic Advising, uses methods and techniques developed by itself and methods and offers possibilities not only undergraduates, graduates but also their close friends, relatives and family member
If you wonder about how you perceived by your friends, family members and the people who love you....
If you want to contact with your classmates and friends, and share your information and experiences with undergraduates...
If It is needed in universities to develop an Academic Advising System in which students, professors, and advisers collobarete and cooperate together...